AGRITEX INDIA 2018: Are you ready for the next Agritex?


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Tractors revolutionized global agriculture a century back. Its benefits reached the big land holders, but not the small. Much the same way, drones are all set to create the next agri revolution. Learning from the past, we need to ensure that the benefits of this revolution reach the small and marginal framers in the same time frame as they reach the big farmers. While small farmers were given all sorts of SOP’s by successive governments, they have not had the same access to the technologies which has been available to the large farming operations. This includes, even the very basic century old technologies that revolve around the tractor, let alone modern ones like drip and drones.

Building on the great reputation established in previous years, AGRITEX 2018 offers exhibitors a winning mix of agriculture, food processing, dairy production, seed technologies, aquaculture and horticulture companies including senior executives of leading institutions, business development teams, investors and other industry experts each seeking a varied combination of partners, investors and professional services.

This year the event is focused on the new technologies and innovations brought by International leaders. Learn directly from one of Australia’s experts who will share his knowledge about “Drone Based Agri Services for Small and Marginal Farmers” and how to implement them in India. The services encompass use of drones over the complete life cycle of the product from elevation profiling, field preparation, identifying dry and over-watered spots, areas of plant stress, timely identification of pests, deficiencies and disease, application of remedies including spraying and monitoring their effects.


Agritex 2018, the most sought-after event, has been re-designed to comprehensively encompass contemporary agriculture, dairy farming, food processing, aquaculture and horticulture technologies. Experts and Scientists from across the globe will share their expertise and discuss the latest innovations.

The Telangana State Government fully supports the agriculture, dairy and food processing sectors with innovative policies that ensure a promising future to farmers all across India and the world over!

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