International Agricultural-Dairy-Food Processing Exposition – 5TH EDITION AGRITEX 2017


7-9 September, HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad,

Unequivocally, agriculture start-ups are an emerging field, providing numerous opportunities for start-ups as well as strengthening the supply chain in Indian agriculture.

Milk Production has improved per capita to 250 grams per day. The demand for milk and milk products in India reportedly increased to 142.9 million tons during 2015 and the forecast for 2020 is estimated at 191.3 million tons.

The food industry is one of the most crucial and significant parts of the Indian economy, with food constituting almost 30% of consumers’ baskets.
Not only is India a huge producer and consumer of food, India also has a vast and strong food production sector, presenting large and exciting opportunities for both domestic and international players.

The Telangana State Government is fully supportive of the agriculture, dairy and food processing sectors and is encouraging ground-breaking policies aimed at providing a promising future for the farmers.

Agritex 2017, in its 5th edition, will once again provide invaluable knowledge to help farming communities, agri-specialists and agri-providers to increase and maintain productivity at economical costs.

Kenes Exhibitions India, along with their partners and supporters, will enthusiastically promote and market AGRITEX 2017 across India, sharing best practices in agriculture, animal rearing, dairy and food processing and how to incorporate contemporary revolutionary methods.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to exhibit during the forthcoming AGRITEX 2017. As an exhibitor you will play a valuable role in showcasing the current technologies and innovative services to a large target audience in a single, vibrant platform.

Dear Friend:

Warm Greetings from Kenes Exhibitions, Hyderabad, India.

The agriculture sector is and always has been, an ever progressing field in the Indian sub-continent. Constantly creating new opportunities for start-ups and thereby empowering the entire supply chain as well.

With the predisposition to impart contemporary agricultural, animal husbandry, farming technologies and best practices, Kenes Exhibitions will organise the 5th edition of International Agricultural- Dairy- Food Processing Exposition from 7-9 September at the HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad. 

The total share of Agriculture & Allied (including Agriculture, Livestock, and forestry and fishery sub sectors) in terms of percent Gross Domestic Product was 13.9% during 2013-14 while maintaining 2004-05 prices. 
[As per the estimates released by Central Statistics Office]. As per the 4th Advance Estimates of Production of food grains, the total food grain production is estimated to be more than 264.77 million tons.
The Seed Capital of India: Hyderabad, has emerged as the core center for seed companies, dairy farming, dairy products, agriculture and manufacturing companies in accordance to ‘made in India’ insights. Hyderabad has been home to several institutes of excellence in R&D, education, tourism, hospitality and good governance. Undisputedly, Hyderabad is a colossal investment destination of our nation.

Kenes Exhibitions along with their partners and supporters will promote and market AGRITEX 2017 across India, showcasing the worldwide current methods that are revolutionizing agriculture today. Take an active role at AGRITEX 2017. Be a pivotal player in designing newer contours for our nation’s agriculture industries. Utilize the advanced technology and ceaseless innovation and reap a harvest of success for the future.

Thank you and can’t wait to see you at AGRITEX 2017.

Pradeep Bandari, Exhibition Manager. +91 779 902 8687,