Floriculture & Green houses

Government of India has identified floriculture as a sunrise industry and accorded it 100% export oriented status. Owing to steady increase in demand of flower floriculture has become one of the important Commercial trades in Agriculture. Hence commercial floriculture has emerged as hi-tech activity-taking place under controlled climatic conditions inside greenhouse. Floriculture in India, is being viewed as a high growth Industry. Commercial floriculture is becoming important from the export angle. The liberalization of industrial and trade policies paved the way for development of export-oriented production of cut flowers. The new seed policy had already made it feasible to import planting material of international varieties. It has been found that commercial floriculture has higher potential per unit area than most of the field crops and is therefore a lucrative business. Indian floriculture industry has been shifting from traditional flowers to cut flowers for export purposes. The liberalized economy has given an impetus to the Indian entrepreneurs for establishing export oriented floriculture units under controlled climatic conditions.
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, is responsible for export promotion and development of floriculture in India.
Floriculture products mainly consist of cut flowers, pot plants, cut foilage, seeds bulbs, tubers, rooted cuttings and dried flowers or leaves. The important floricultural crops in the international cut flower trade are rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, gargera, gladiolus, gypsophila, liastris, nerine, orchids, archilea, anthuriu, tulip, and lilies. Floriculture crops like gerberas, carnation, etc. are grown in green houses. The open field crops are chrysanthemum, roses, gaillardia, lily marygold, aster, tuberose etc.

About 248.51 thousand hectares area was under Cultivation in floriculture in 2014-15. Production of flowers are estimated to be 1,658 thousand tonnes loose flowers and 472 thousand tonnes cut flowers in 2014-15.

The country has exported 22,086.10 MT of floriculture products to the world for the worth of Rs. 548.74 crores/ 82.05 USD Millions in 2016-17. Major Export Destinations (2016-17) are United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates were major importing countries of Indian floriculture during the same period.