The “Direction Program” will consist of lectures given by Agri-specialists and Engineers spotlighting the  latest techniques and products, that utilize to the maximum extent, scarce water and arable land in order to reach successfully production levels.
The key topics are:

  • Crop Diversification
  • Export Oriented Agriculture
  • Increasing Cropping Intensity
  • Introducing Cost Reduction Technologies
  • Organic Farming for Special Market Requirements
  • Efficient Crop Management Practices
  • Micro Irrigation & Watershed Management
  • Seed Production
  • Food Processing
  • Crop Financing and Insurance
  • Conservation of Produce for Alternate Usage
  • Rural Self-Employment and Farm Equipment Hiring
  • Nurturing Agriculture Innovations
  • Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies
  • Mechanization in Agriculture
  • Institutional Support Mechanisms in Agriculture
  • Dairy Technologies and Technique
  • Aquaponics
  • Recirculating Aquaculture system (RAS)
  • Improving fish seed and fish production in Telangana
  • Technological advancements in processing in Aquaculture